Lauyrn Levette

Lauryn Levette bases her paintings and drawings in a dreamscape to capture the
subconscious mind, which is considerably the most vulnerable part of us all. She envisions a dreamlike space by creating gestural marks, bold brush strokes, distorted figures and saturated colors. She also considers themes of vulnerability by revealing the first layers of the canvas in her works. Many of the women she paints take up a significant amount of space on the canvas. This further echoes themes of the self, introspection, and asserting vulnerability in a world that is learning to value it. Through painting, Lauryn exercises her agency and self love to recognize her humanity, especially as a young Black woman.

Levette is a recent graduate from Rhode Island School of Design. Shortly after
graduation, she attended the New York Academy of Art Summer Residency Program and held a debut solo exhibition in Los Angeles at New Image Art Gallery in August of 2021. At the end of 2021, Lauryn participated in her first Miami Art Week at Untitled, Art Fair in Miami. She has also been recognized on platforms such as Support Black Art, New American Paintings, and Art Hoe Collective, as well as publications for the RISD Museum, Juxtapoz Magazine, and USC Annenberg Media.