I FEEL EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE: Featuring Ana Benavides, Emma Stone-Johnson, Zahra Shahcheraghi, Bijanka Bacic, Jessica Slater & Winnie Seifert

12 December 2022 - 6 February 2023
I Feel Everything All At Once is a group show presented by Natasha Arselan Gallery, that brings together 6 female painters from the UK, Mexico, Iran, Australia and Germany. The exhibition celebrates a renaissance of contemporary abstract expressionism from artists born in the 21st Century and examines the evolution of the ‘purest’ art form in history.

Through the artist’s individual process: true to the fundamentals of the timeless non-representational movement: Colour and gesture. The show high- lights and mirrors internal landscapes. Their medium: feelings & their reality and inspiration: the human condition, everyday landscapes, and memory. Identical to the artists, the viewer relates to the medium on a basic human level, it is the HOW that makes us and our experiences of the work unique.

This collection of works demonstrates the dynamic dance that weaves the inner
and outer dimensions of reality, from the subconscious to the conscious, through a physical yet meditative process. From a spiritual point of view, this can be symbol- ically interpreted as a connection to a higher power and the primal gestures and mark making contextualised as a call and or willingness to act. Kabbalah teaches the dual-directional perspective that embodies the cyclical, inclusive nature of the divine 
flow, where the alternative divine and human perspectives have validity. The central metaphor of ‘man’ allows human understanding of the Hebrew term ‘Sefirot’ which concludes the ten elements that format the illumination of God’s infinite light as it manifested in creation which is believed to be the metaphysical DNA that binds man between the Divine and physical realm. This can be seen transcended through the artist’s being onto canvas as a correspondence displaying the psychological faculties of the soul.

The origins of abstract expressionism are debatable, some say 19th, others 20th century, New York, in the ‘age of anxiety’ post second world war (possibly still relevant in our current 21st century climate). The artists featured can be seen to have taken loose inspiration from their predecessors: Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, Lee Krasner, and Jay DeFoe. In an ever-increasing sterile, digitally driven, dislocated, automated era: Connection, Intuition, expression, feeling and the historical and physical exercise of mark-making feels critical to highlight and celebrate. Each work shares a common thread in that the source is metaphysical, the reality is subjective and not concrete and it’s up to the viewer to define it.


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